Dreadnought Class AirshipsEdit

  1. Leviathan - Flagship of the 8th fleet of the Royal Archadian Armada. Its powerfull forward cannons as well as its many layered steel frame. make it ideal for charging and battering the enemy with an onslaught of tremendous force. However, the Leviathin is not well suited for drawn out sky battles in which it is quite necesary for airships to have good maneuvering capabilities, which the Leviathin does not have. The flagship is commanded by Judge Ghis of the Judge Magisters.
  2. Odin - Forward striker for the Resistance 2nd fleet. Heavy adamantine armor and quadruple forward destroyer cannons make this air ship a worthy adversary to the Archadian Leviathin as it has double the amount of fire power and stronger armor. Made to pummel through the enemy's center line and spread out the flanks, Odin is a key peace to the Resistance's armada. This striker was built by the Rozzarians and given to the Resistance to combat the Archadian fleet. Marquis Halim Ondore IV is commander of the Odin.
  3. Alexander - Defender of the 12th fleet of the Royal Archadian Armada. With virtualy no maneuverability, the Alexander was built to hold the fleet together and defend against oncoming attacks. Like the Odin it has adamantine plating but in a much thicker and much greater quantity. The Alexander has many guns as well but they are used to defend rather than attack the enemy. The Alexander's outfit allow it to destroy oncoming attackers without itself being harmed. This air ship is commanded by Judge Zargabath of the Judge Magisters.
  4. Gilgamesh - Flag ship and rear guard of the Resistance 1st fleet. The Gilgamesh has light armor and heavy guns allowing it to outmaneuver and out shoot the enemy. It being able to outmaneuver any Archadian ship, the Gilgamesh is key part of the Resistance's armada. The air ship was built by the Bhujerabans and is commanded by Marquis Halim Ondore.

Light Cruiser Class AirshipsEdit

  1. Ifrit - Light cruiser storm ship in the 8th and 12th fleet of the Royal Archadian Armada. Great maneuverability and multi mortar cannons make the Ifrit extremely effective against ground forces. Used also as a distraction to lure and dodge the fire of heavy aircraft of enemies.
  2. Shiva - Light cruiser battle ship in the 8th fleet of the Royal Archadian Armada. Built with light armor and heavy guns, the Shiva uses its speed and agility to out maneuver enemy air ships.


  1. Atomos - Used to transport ground units. Found in every fleet of the Archadian Royal Armada.

Air CuttersEdit

  1. Fenrir - Small air cutter used to combat enemy air cutters and destroy opposing transport ships. Found in all fleets of the Archadian Royal Armada.
  2. Tonbery - Small air cutter used to combat other air cutters, destroy transports, and infiltrate enemy heavy air craft. Found in all fleets of the Archadian Royal Armada